Our Story

Covid -19, It was uncalled times for a lot of us here. I run this start-up called FUTURETRON LABS (https://futuretronlabs.in). We work on Electric Vehicle Mobility Solutions, a lot of decisions had to be made during the lock-down period, two of our employees from different districts had to move to their native and I was working out of this place called Workbench Projects Pvt Ltd. Since Workbench Projects is located in the metro station building, they had to shut down the space till the relaxation was lifted, still I was able to access the place once in a while. Then I started to use Dinesh’s place. In the first phases of lock-down I started to use our own custom-built electric bicycle to commute as bicycles were allowed to run on roads during that period. 

Futuretron E-Bike

It was super fun to use the bicycle and also it was a great opportunity for me to test the capacity of the same. I was visiting Servelots/Janastu more often for doing my work during lockdown since it was close to my home.

At Dinesh’s place me along with Anu, used to translate a good talk on Covid-19 by Dr Dave price (Weill Cornell university New York) from English to kannada. One can listen to this here https://public.janastu.org/Covid-19/

The situation of covid19 was shifting rapidly, it was continuing to ravage global communities and as an entrepreneur I was looking at what can be done during these times that will improve our skill sets and enhance company growth, as well as to put our knowledge to use that’s when we developed three products which was very much necessary during this covid-19 emergency. The idea was to make simplistic design of products and make it easily available for the people.

It was very important to clean the often-used devices/equipment’s and disinfect it so we came up with this UV chamber

Ultra violet based Disinfector: Futuretron Uvister :

Then I realised the importance of contact-less sanitizer dispensers. The purpose of contact-less sanitizer dispenser is to help monitor and control the spread of coronavirus by using the same sanitizer bottle from a suspected carrier to a safe and healthy carrier. And we came up with these two products

  • Automatic Contact-less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser :

Foot Operated Contact-less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: