The COVOD-19 pandemic’s emergence has added yet another level. As the world races to discover vaccines, treatments and cures for the virus, the sanitization, disinfection, decontamination and isolation are also few factors which needs to be used to defend ourselves, and the remedies must be implemented globally.

Hand sanitizers have proven to be one of the better solutions helping us in the fight against the current pandemic situation. Hand sanitizers kill the microorganisms present in one’s hand such as bacteria, virus and other microbes. Although soaps can be used to achieve the same task, finding a washing area and water source makes it difficult to achieve sanitization in all areas also it is not a portable solution. On the other hand, hand sanitizers help us beat all the short comings from conventional hand washing using soap.

The motivation to design the foot pedal operated sanitizer dispenser is to minimize the touch points. Keeping physical contacts away and eliminating the need for multiple people to touch a common point is of utmost priority in current circumstances. Hence the main purpose of contactless sanitizer dispenser is to help monitor and control the spread of virus by using the same sanitizer bottle from a suspected carrier to a safe and healthy carrier.

Foot Pedal Operated Sanitizer Dispenser

It’s a foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser. With this mechanism sanitizer could be used without touching the sanitizer bottle with hands. Whenever user pushes the pedal with foot, the sanitizer is dispensed from the bottle. Sturdy Design, Contactless Dispenser, Movable, Easy to Assemble and Heavy base.

Parameters considered for the design

The sanitizer dispenser must be compatible with different dimensions of sanitizer container. It must be easy to use and dispense the sanitizer in an instant. The build quality must be sturdy and overall operation must be smooth.

Specifications of Foot Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

Mode Manual
Type Foot Pedal Press
Material Mild Steel
Dimension W41xL38xH140(cm)
Sanitizer Holder Height and width adjustable

Procedure to use the Foot pedal operated sanitizer dispenser

1] Place the sanitizer bottle in the holder and strap it with the Velcro strips.

2] Adjust height of the dispenser head according to the bottle size.

3] Press the foot pedal to dispense the sanitizer.


The Foot pedal operated sanitizer dispenser solves the problem on two levels. One, it eliminates the need of soap and water for sanitization of hands. Two, it minimizes the touch points and thus achieving effective sanitization.

It is efficient in public places like hospitals, malls, and in companies where large number of people work/gather.

To know more about the product: https://futuretronlabs.in/covid.html

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