Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

The COVOD-19 pandemic’s emergence has added yet another level. As the world races to discover vaccines, treatments and cures for the virus, the sanitization, disinfection, decontamination and isolation are also few factors which needs to be used to defend ourselves, and the remedies must be implemented globally.

Hand sanitizers have proven to be one of the better solutions helping us in the fight against the current pandemic situation. Hand sanitizers kill the microorganisms present in one’s hand such as bacteria, virus and other microbes. Although soaps can be used to achieve the same task, finding a washing area and water source makes it difficult to achieve sanitization in all areas also it is not a portable solution. On the other hand, hand sanitizers help us beat all the short comings from conventional hand washing using soap.

Hence the purpose of contact-less sanitizer dispenser is to help monitor and control the spread of coronavirus by using the same sanitizer bottle from a suspected carrier to a safe and healthy carrier.

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

The dispenser is automatic, contactless, easy to install and operate. It will spray hand rubbing sanitizer based on alcohol for hand sanitization. It is spray based and designed to maximize sanitizer consumption.

Parameters considered for the Design

The sanitizer dispenser must be compatible with different dimensions of sanitizer container. It must be easy to use and dispense the sanitizer in an instant. The build quality must be sturdy and overall power consumption should be minimal.

Specifications of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Mode Automatic
Construction Acrylic (Customizations available)
Power 5V1A DC
Spray Discharge 10ml
Sensing range 5cm
Dimension W100xL200xH230(mm)
Weight 500gm

Procedure to use the Automatic sanitizer dispenser

1] Connect the power adaptor and turn on the switch.

2] Place your hand under the dispenser.

3] The sensor can detect the presence of hand up to a range of 5 to 8 cm. The device then dispenses the sanitizer on the palm.

4] Once the person takes away his or her hand, the dispenser automatically turns of the motor and stops the dispensing action.

Note: The sanitizer action is instant. Hence, do not keep your palm for prolonged duration.


The automatic sanitizer dispenser solves the problem on two levels. One, it eliminates the need of soap and water for sanitization of hands. Two, it minimises the touch points and thus achieving effective sanitization.

It can be used in hospitals, corporate buildings, offices, malls etc where large number of people work/gather.

To know more about the product: https://futuretronlabs.in/covid.html


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