The situation of covid19 is shifting rapidly and it continues to ravage global communities, the world is focussed wholly on discovering ways to combat novel coronavirus and it’s important that we protect patients, clients, staffs and families from this situation. It is extremely important to clean the often-used devices/equipment’s and disinfect it. The ability of UV light to inactivate the novel coronavirus has been the subject of research lately. Typically, UVC is used to disinfect the rooms, surfaces and devices. Corona virus can live on certain surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastic for hours to days. In particular, the virus was found to be active for one day in cardboard, for up to three days in plastic and stainless steel, and for up to four hours in 99% copper. Thus, it’s important to disinfect at regular intervals. UVC light is very effective in inactivating microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and pathogens.


Working Principle:

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a decontamination method that uses shorter wavelength UV radiation to inactivate microbes by terminating nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA which makes them powerless to perform certain vital cellular purposes. UVGI is used in a various applications such as food, air purification and water purification. Killing the microorganisms with UV radiation needs the germicidal wavelengths of between 185 to 254 nanometers. Ultra Violet C has wavelength between 100 to 280.

The light is absorbed by the microorganisms’ DNA and RNA, leading to the dimerization of neighboring molecules (particularly thymine). This occurrence in the DNA and RNA of bacteria and virus makes replication impossible for the microorganisms and causes infection.

Note: Prolonged exposure to UVC is not recommended. Hence, maintain a safe distance from the sanitization box during its operation.

Specifications of the UV chamber are as follows

Material Acrylic plastic
Colour White
Wall thickness 5 mm
Dimension 30L x 47W x 30H (cm)
Capacity 36 Litres

Parameters considered for the design

The box must be able to accommodate a wide range of objects that are as small as a key to something as big as a laptop. This box must serve a wide variety of applications and use case scenario. The sanitization process must be quick, easy to use and operation must be hassle free.

Procedure to use the UV Chamber

1] Ensure that the switch is in OFF position.

2] Open the front door, place the object that needs to be sanitized and close the door.

3] Turn on the switch and run the device for 15 to 20 minutes.

4] Once the sanitization process is completed turn off the switch and take out the object. If the object needs to be sanitized at both ends, flip the object and repeat the same procedure.

Safety Precautions

1] Avoid eye and skin exposure.

2] Do not look directly into light.

3] Switch off the device when not in use.

4] Keep the device away from the reach of children.

5] Clean the UV bulbs and chamber once a month.

In practice, the disinfection time would be of 3 to 4 times the theoretical calculation. This is due to various factors such as variation in the UV dose and the actual output of the UV bulb. The chamber has been designed considering various use case scenarios. The design is flexible and could be modified to suit very specific use case as well.



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