Our Services

Powerfull hub motor capable of delivering high output power
Future of personal mobility motor power and battery package can be customised

Pocket friendly

Our electric bikes are economically priced

Cutting Edge Motors

Cutting edge brushless motor to roar road

Easy to customize

Based on requirement one can change the motor power

Eco and Clean

Produces very less harm on the enviironment

Plug and play

Detachable batteries makes it easier to charge


We make sure bike makes you look even more sexier

Electric vehicle charging stations

Part of the plan is to create new design Electric Vehicle charging stations with plug and play mechanism which is portable and easy to carry,
which in turn enables a huge opportunity in creating job opportunities with skillset

Specially Enabled Electric vehicle

As we all know there is a need to develop Electric Vehicles for specially abled persons and we are committed to be part of their travel from point A to point B.

Technology use cases

  • Remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Maps integration for available charging locations
  • Route analysis
  • Range analysis for riding efficiency

Ready to get started

We are planning to put up community charging stations, enable community charging stations in rural India in turn giving people the opportunity to earn money, whole set of solar modules, hub motor repair EV repair skillset comes as a part of it in turn which skills the people for future readiness