Frequently Asked questions

These are concept bikes

The designs that you see in website are few of the concepts the way bikes will look like, we wont make the bikes look alike but we have taken up the design features of these bikes and make our own which looks better.

December 2019

These bikes are in pre build phase, where the actual functional part of the work is done we are working on the single frame design for different vehicles by which one can choose the tank, shock absorbers, battery power tyre size and motor which makes the bike look completely different.


We are building these vehicles according to ARAI specification, whose power output will not be more than 250 watt which is more than sufficient for intra city travel with plug and play charging battery system.

We will provide a full one year warranty for battery and motors any malfunction in the same we will repair or replace based on the condition.

Based on our calculation we have approximated the cost of vehicle will be around 35000 INR, which is cheaper than any of the electric vehicles you can see in the market today, but still everything is subjected to market risk.